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Desktop auction software for your local public auctions.


iAuction Professional is desktop auction management software that administers local auctions. Any auction. Quickly, efficiently, accurately.

The 5th generation of our ever popular desktop auction software is here! Redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up, it retains the best of the old 4th generation iAuction application and adds some stunning new features.

It has a brand new graphic interface that is fast, pretty, functional and very easy to use. Built using the very latest .Net technology coupled to a new storage engine, this user friendly application will see you through many years. You can still afford the best desktop auction software in the business. There is no price increase.

Get iAuction Professional for NO capital outlay!
No monthly fee's. You pay only when you need it.
If iAuction does not suit your requirement, simply uninstall it.

Let's not mislead you. This software is not free. Almost everything that's free is dicey, but you can get and install it for free. If you know how to download and navigate using Windows Explorer you can securely download and install right now, otherwise you will need 3rd party IT expertise.


Download and evaluate. 7 Days full functionality.
Purchase credits 24/7 using our online facility.
Free remote support and training during normal business hours.

You can download iAuction Professional from this website, which is a secure site, so no worries there. When you register iAuction Professional you'll receive a free 7 day credit package so that you can test and evaluate a fully functional application with NO OBLIGATION to buy when the credits expire. When you are satisfied that iAuction Professional will work for you, simply buy a credit package and away you go!

iAuction Professional does not require an Internet connection after it's installed and working, but you do need an Internet connection to download the installers, register your business, and purchase credits. It gets installed on your PC or laptop and only runs under a Windows operating system. You can hook up as many additional computers as you require via a local network. All can be working with the same auction, at the same time.

With us you get personal attention.
Free updates when updated software is released.

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