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Our Support Software. Get our support software here. It allows us to connect to your computer to assist you.

Support Software
With our support software we can...
Remotely connect to your computer
  • Install and configure iAuction Professional
  • Show you in real time how things are done
  • Fix problems
Using a custom version of TeamViewer, we can remotely connect to any computer in your office. Once we have established a connection we can:

Hit the green button to download this file now.
No installation is required.

Click this button once only.

This is a safe download. This file was issued by the creators of TeamViewer and is digitally signed. When the download completes:
  • Run it. No installation is required.
  • You'll see this:
  • Phone us on 082 565 0258 during normal working hours.
  • Give us Your ID.

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