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Pricing of iAuction Prpfessional credit bundles.


You can download and install iAuction Professional at no cost. You'll get a free 7 day credit package to enable you to test and evaluate the software. When the 7 days expires you'll need to purchase a credit bundle if you require to continue using iAuction Professional.

Credits can be purchased online...
payfast logo This shop never closes
  • Available 24/7
  • Requires a debit or credit card
  • No proof of payment required
  • Immediate activation after successful payment

One credit = unlimited usage for one day. Unlimited means just that. During that day you can create as many auctions as required, and post any amount of transactions into them. All functions are available. There are no restrictions. So, if you purchase a 31 day credit bundle you'll have unrestricted and unlimited usage for 31 consecutive days from the day we received payment for the credit bundle.

If you use our PayFast facility (only available from within iAuction Professional) and do a successful payment transaction using your credit or debit card, your chosen credit bundle is issued immediately. You are not required to send proof of payment or wait. You can use this facility 24/7. It is ALWAYS there for you. The PayFast facility does not understand time, weekends or public holidays.

The following credit bundles are available:
  • 7 Days @ R140.00
  • 31 Days @ R384.40
  • 62 Days @ R744.00
  • 93 Days @ R1078.80
If you require online auction functionality you require a website which we supply and configure. Apart from the credit bundles the complete cost of website ownership is R2,800.00 per annum. This amount is payable yearly in advance.

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